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Vino Inventory is an effective software for industrial organization, WareHouse Management just to mention a few. With its unique features and flexible architecture. Different modules, Vino inventory comes in handy by reducing the stress in monitoring merchandise, company goods stock and record of asset by mere tapping of the keyboard.

Vino inventory  is a software package developed by VIRAL COMPUTERS INC and not limited to any Organization Structure but can be fully customized to meet any Organization  Structure so as to serve its staffs better

Vino inventory manages the quantity of goods and materials on hand and manufacturer’s inventory of those items that are ready and available for sale. It can be used in all sectors of the economy as it is a customized system and a stand-alone and it can easily be integrated with any accounting system and can be accessed by unlimited number of users on a network. The software also enables the user to process an unlimited number of goods monitoring. It allows the user to process different Variations and other adjustments.
Also it keeps a record of a business's current assets, including property owned, merchandise on hand, and the value of work in progress and work completed but not sold

Above all, Vino inventory helps to eliminate short comings in manual warehouse stock movement of materials, merchandise and asset
The comprehensive manual however comes with the software package, which enables appropriate users to have a clear understanding of the flow of the entire system.

Existing Modules Includes:

1. General Ledger 2. Purchases and Ordering 3. Goods Registration Module  4. Budget and Budgetary controls 5. Account Payable 6. Sales and Receivables  7. Book Keeping Management 8. Inventory Management 9. Fixed Assets Management 10. Tracking and Controlling Module 11.Management Information and Reporting  12. Share Sales Module
Purchases and Ordering.
Inventory Automation.
Both Online & Offline Application
Special importing archive module
and many more ...

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