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Vino Cooperative is a distinctive, matchless and well built financial software designed for all Cooperative and Multipurpose Societies existing within workers of any organizations.
From keeping control over your company’s finances to paying your members, and from managing your customer relationships to retaining them, Vino Cooperative enables you to build an integrated solution that’s right for your business. It enables you to: Vino Cooperatives, an effective Cooperatives management software that covers but not limited to the following:

  • Prepare departmental Income Statement for the various sector of your business.
  • Customize your reports, financial statements, invoices purchase orders and more to get the detail you need in the format you prefer.
  • Eliminate double –entry accounting by letting Vino Cooperative do it for you with Accounting behind the Screens.
  • Tracks Bank balances easily and Investment Placements accurately using your inputted format.
  • Maintain proper records of your movable and immovable Asset.
  • Easily safeguard Data with Screen- level security which helps you to decide who can access your accounting and at what level-module.
  • Track your Audit Trail with record and report on any changes made to your transactions.
  • Multi-User Capabilities which allow multiple authorized members to work on your accounting concurrently

Existing Modules Includes:

1. Member’s Data Entry 2. Member’s Data Enquiry 3. Society's Financial Data Enquiry 4. Financial Data Processing 5. Member and Society's Opening and Closing Balance 6.  Dividends and Interest Declaration 7.  Monthly Cash and Item Loan Deductions 8. Special Savings and Repayment 9. Investment Module 

Exist in 5 Different Versions
User Friendly
Instant Help aand Trroubleshoots
Dividend, Closing Balances, Credit Committee
and many more ...

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