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Vino Churchmate is an effective software for Churches and religious organizations. With its unique features, user friendly interfaces, and flexible architecture. Different modules, Vino Church mate comes in handy by reducing the stress in generating reports of all the financial activities of the church by mere tapping of the keyboard. Above all, Vino Church mate helps to eliminate short comings in timely information as to the largest contributors to the church developments and payments into account of Church members ledger of any Church

A comprehensive manual however comes with the software package, which enables appropriate users to have a clear understanding of the flow of the entire system

Vino Church mate is a software package developed by VIRAL COMPUTERS INC. and not limited to churches but can be fully customized to meet any Organization Structure so as to serve its purpose.Vino Church mate manages the tithes of any Church. It can be used in various sectors of the church as it is a customized system and a stand-alone software and it can easily be integrated with any accounting system and can be accessed by unlimited number of users on a network.
The software also enables the user to process an unlimited number of tax, duty, contribution, portion, charity and tithe Monitoring of church members through church member’s ledger.
It manages the church accounting system and is flexible with high level data integrity.

It allows the user to process different Variations and other adjustments

Existing Modules Includes:

1. General Ledger 2. Purchases and Ordering 3. Obligation contribution module 4. Budget and Budgetary controls 5. Account Payable Contribution assessment 6. module 7. Sales and Receivables 8.Inventory Management 9. Fixed Assets Management 10 . Management Information and Reporting 11. Church expenses Module
Complete Accounting Package
Flexible and Simple
Manages Donations, Tithes and Offerings.
Robust Online and Offline Reportings
and many more ...

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