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Vino Bursary.

  • Maintains proper records of your movable and immovable Assets.
  • Easily safeguard Data with Screen- level security which helps you to decide who can access your account and at what level-module.
  • Track your Audit Trail which record and report any changes made to your transactions.
  • Multi-User Capabilities which allow multiple authorized members to work on your account concurrently.


  • In this day and age, security is increasingly becoming a top priority for any business software system.  Vino Bursary provides you with the tools to maintain a secured environment for your financial information and your sensitive guest information.


  • 4months Free Support after successful implementation.
  • For an optimum usage of the Vino Bursary software its crucial to have the 24/7 support. Vino Bursary has the best support options available at very competitive rates.


  • The software has been tested and approved by institutions. Stability of an institution and software product allows us to continue our development of Vino Bursary for years to come. We can do so because our software products and design efforts are focused on only the continual existence of our clients
Complete Bursary software
Customised for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
Unlimited Conections on network
Online & Offline real posting
and many more ...



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