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Vino Schoolmate is designed specifically for primary and secondary schools seeking a MIS one solution to help increase productivity, professionalism and profitability. It provides a single fully integrated solution that handles all students and personnel personal, academic and financial Information through a complete inter – related modules, detailed analysis of students’ profiles

Vino SchoolMate was introduced into the Nigerian Market in 2007 and started handling all activities of primary and secondary schools in different locations in the country. With the Vino SchoolMate, primary and secondary schools would have all their respective activities competently handled by the complete enterprise suite of the Vino SchoolMate – which handles the students and personnel Information as well as the personnel payroll and HRM. Vino SchoolMate, an effective school management software covers but not limited to the following:

Applications Software Support ,customization Student Account Management, Inventory Records, Library Management,  Asset Management, Personnel Management, free listing for your school on the web (Advertising your services)

Existing Modules Includes:

1. Account Management 2. General ledger 3. School’s Expenses 4. Personnel Payroll & HRM 5. Database Management (Backup and Recovery) 6. Students Billing Management

7. Fixed Asset Management 8. Final GL Account Management 9. Treasury Account Management 10. Purchase Order Management. 11. Budget Allocation Management. 12. Staff Payroll Management. 13. Security (Audit Trail and Transaction Trail)

14. Academic Result Management 15. Inventory Control 16. Library and Books Management 17. Database Restore and Backup 18. Staff Business and Payroll Policy. In – Built Software trouble shooter and helper, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, E.T.C

Vino schoolmate generates all the student's report cards and master sheets, It generates the payment details per term / session sheet, It monitors student's attendance, performance and sport activities and automatically generates the Principals / Head Teacher's coments at the end of each term.


Full School Automation
Dual Funtion & Advantage with up to 20 Full Modules
Automatic Generation of Report sheets and Cards
Teacher's Payroll and Perfomance
and many more ...

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