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A unique, integrated and robust financial software designed for all financial institutions which includes: Financial Services Firm, Media and Entertainment Firms, Property Development Firms, Estate Development Firms, Agro - Allied and Agro Based Companies, Oil and Gas Firms, Engineering and Construction Companies, Professional Services Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Public Sector and Ministries, Mortgage and Investment Companies,

Vino Financials Software has a reputable security measure on all transactions made, which Automatically Generates Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Proforma Invoices , Sales Invoices and Receipts. Vino Financials maintains both Cash and Credit Sales for all customers and Payment for Suppliers of an organization in order to improve the overall effectiveness by providing computerized records and up to date information.

Vino Financials has a friendly and consistent user interface. The system is fully parameterized i.e. what you define is what you get. This peculiar feature allows the users to tailor the system to meet their exact needs. The system has the ability to produce timely and ad hoc management information through the use of powerful, in-built and user defined queries. The ability to ensure data validity and integrity with the provision of detailed security features. An effective Information Systems provides all users with connectivity throughout the organization to allow sharing of useful information.

Existing Modules Includes:

1. General Ledger 2.Purchases and Ordering 3. Budget and Budgetary controls . 4. Account Payable 5. Sales and Receivables 6.Inventory Management 7. Fixed Assets Management 8.Banking and Treasury 9. Management Information and Processing 10. Project Management

Easy To Navigate
Reduced Mouse Clicks
Up To 12 Modules
Unlimited Query Reports
and many more ...

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