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Vino Banking is a most efficient software for Microfinance banks. With its unique features and extra modules, Vino banking is spreading fast into the Nigerian and West African Financial and Banking Market.Vino Banking is the tested and trusted leading banking software with the most unique features and flexible architecture.Vino banking is an effective banking management software that covers but not limited to the following:

Objectives of Vino Banking

  • To provide integrated information facilities, effective and efficient Services
  • Customers  management and efficient reporting system – Query Reports
  • To assist in the decision making process of Micro-Finance Banks' Services.
  • Provide management information on all computerized activities.
  • To automate tracking and monitoring of funds.
  • To provide accurate financial record keeping
  • To manage customers records and make Account Auditing very easy.
  • To fully computerize Your Movable and Immovable assets.
  • Automated management of Accounts Payable (Bank’s Expenses) with the General Ledger interface.
  • Automated management of Loans Module (Risk Asset)
  • Prepare Monthly Staff Payroll (Also pays salaries into staff’s account.)

Existing Modules Includes:

1. Asset Management 2. General ledger 3. Loan Management 4.Bank’s Expenses 5. Data Application Software support and customization of Customers Account 6. Database base Management (Backup and Recovery) 7. Staff Payroll & HRM 8. Banking nnnnnnn 9. Logistics and Budgeting

Highlight Features Of The Vino Banking Software

> Automatic SMS and EMAIL alerts for every transaction
> Automatically generates and prints out the CBN EFASS Report - Monthly Returns
> Has inbuilt messenger for chatting and easy communication over the network
> Automatically depreciates the registered fixed asset monthly / periodically.
> Automatically does the loan provisioning on both performing and non-performing loans and overdrafts.
> Has dedicated module for daily contribution scheme - Deductions and Charges.

> Has fantastic security measures on both the operations and administrative management of the microfinance bank.
> Automatically generates the trial balance,balance sheet,profit and loss,transaction listings and Alco reports instantly daily / periodically.
> Automatically executes the interest paid on savings accounts monthly / periodically.
> Automatically depreciates the registered fixed asset monthly / periodically.
> 100% customisable to meet all your microfinance operational details.
> Notifies the "Highest user" of the software of all transactions done by every user i.e the manager can know every transaction done by every user instantly from his desk.

Vino banking also has an electronic manual for each user of the software.

To get a fast and comprehensive details of the Vino Banking software sent to you immediately, send your request mail to

Interactive Forms and Control
Attractive GUI,Texts and Forms,
Easily Customised
Automatic Backup
and many more ...

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