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Vino Payroll is a software package developed by VIRAL COMPUTERS INC and not limited to any Organization Structure but can be fully customized to meet any Organization Salary Structure so as to serve its staffs better. It manages the Payroll of any organization. It can be used in all sectors of the economy as it is a customized system and a stand-alone payroll and it can easily be integrated with any accounting system and can be accessed by unlimited number of users on a network.

The software also enables the user to process an unlimited number of employee’s payroll.
It manages the Nigerian Tax system and is flexible with high level data integrity.
It allows the user to process Loans, Grants, Allowances, Variations and other adjustments. Above all,Vinopayroll helps to eliminate ghost workers and payments which forms the payroll of any organization. The proper utilization of an information database results in: Intelligent and informed decision making, Better utilization of Human Resources, Effective Management of Professional services, Effective Manpower planning, Automated Payroll reduces human efforts and it is cost effective

The comprehensive manual however comes with the software package, which enables appropriate users to have a clear understanding of the flow of the entire system.
 The scope covers the following areas- Personnel Information, Payroll Management, Tax Management, Loan management, Bank Transfer, General ledger Interface, Pension and Gratuity (Optional)

Existing Modules Includes:

1. Payroll Processings and Setup  2. Employee Module  3. Security Module   4. Loan Management  5. Pension Management Module 6. Fixed Asset Management

Periodical Payslip Generation
Takes Care Of Contract Staff, Gang Workers etc
Loan Management
Pension Management
and many more ...

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