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Timely sharing of management information
With this system in place, all key personnel shall have whatever information they require at their fingertips. Questions on staff requirements, Salary Structure, Outstanding Loans and capacity planning can be quickly and directly answered by interrogating the corporate database.

Improved Fiscal Accounting
The General Ledger accounting System can easily be interfaced. This will minimize duplication of efforts. The Payroll system will assist your organization in maintaining the required probity and prudence in management of its financials as related to their staff strength. The computerization of your Salary and HR System ensures that fiscal accounting is transparently rendered and leaves no room for misappropriation of personnel funds and Incorrect Deductions.

Vino Payroll will ensure that your organization establishes a full control over its personnel services and attain a most reliable and cordial company – Staff Relationship.

Prompt Payment Processing
Monthly salary is processed promptly with this system in place.

Enhanced HR Productivity
The System shall ensure that all employees have the right tools for the right job. The HR system reports all insufficiency and challenges of each staff to the appropriate Management. This translates to better management of functions and an appreciative increase in overall employee productivity. Any software developed using SQL Server Database supports unlimited reports and natively supports workflow functionality. 

Periodical Payslip Generation
Takes Care Of Contract Staff
Loan Management
Pension Management
and many more ...

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