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Collecting and analyzing customer’s feedback is crucial to measuring satisfaction, increase loyalty and retention of existing customers of any product and service.

Viral Computers Inc have solutions that consists of powerful reports with a summary of key findings and recommendations that will help our numerous clients save time and make informed effective decisions. Our solution customer services solutions increase customer satisfaction and identify strengths and weaknesses

It also increase referrals, improves customer loyalty and retention and identifies opportunities to cross well. For More Info send your request to :

Other services

ESTATE MANAGEMENT: We are taking charge of all sectors of the economy that requires and lacks professionalism, equity and efficiency.

Viral Computers Inc have an estate agency firm that applies its rich professionalism into the following services.

  1. Map, Survey and Analyze Site for intending firm and companies. & Purchase and Sales of Landed Properties for reputable firms.
  2. Design and Develop residential, official and industrial buildings for reputable companies in Nigeria, west Africa and the Diaspora and Properly manage residential estates for reputable individuals and companies.
  3. Effective consultation for reputable firms and companies in the diaspora who are willing to site a new office or factory in Nigeria or any other West African country.

For More Info send your request to

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