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Viral Computers Inc is fully committed to solving all businesses shortcomings and we have found out that one of the most re-occurring shortcomings of existing software solutions in Nigeria and beyond is the inability of these software's to fully meet the specific challenges and satisfaction of businesses and “recognize” changes in business policies, products and activities.

With the new “My Product” invention of Viral Computers Inc, clients can now have desirable software specifically customized for their businesses and companies.

To Customise a most specific and desirable software for your organisation(s), we would need some informations.


To have a customized software product for your business, the following information would be required:

Your Business Activities and Oprerational Information’s. Your Business or Company Policies, Your Business Colour, Logo, Slogan and Flagship. Your Business and Company Personnel Information’s.

At Viral Computers Inc, perfection of our products and services is our ultimate goal, we believe that the most sophisticated system is the one that is simple to use. We want our customers to take advantage of what we are good at, so we work closely with our customer base to create features and functions that are easy to implement

Depending on your orgabisation type, a customised software takes us 4 to 12 weeks to complete and deploy.

If our customised "My Product" Interests you, send your mail to and we would get back to you immediatedly.

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