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Viral Computers Inc is an information technology cum business consulting company providing complete and adequate systems solutions from conception to implementation as well as maintenance and support.

We cut across diverse industries and render our services to small, medium and large organizations. Viral computers inc. majors in financial, accounting and business softwares customizable for different industries. We provide information technology solutions of global standards to various leaders and captains of industries in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond.

We believe that the most sophisticated system is the system that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to maintain. We want our clients to take advantage of our strength, so we work closely with our clients’ base to create features and functions that are easy to implement.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in accounting and computing fields, Viral Computers Inc renders complete and high quality technology solutions to various sectors of the economy.

Our Management understands that to properly serve our clients, we must utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to all areas of clients’ business.

Our Staff and Consultants are a collection of well trained, dedicated and professional group brought together to help our clients succeed. We constantly develop and ensure that our staffs are updated of changes within the profession through continuing educational programs and reforms.

We are Viral Computers Inc.

- 24 Hrs Access.
- Satisfactory Customer Care Services.
- 12 Hours Uninterupted Online Support.
- Can present any of our softwares at the shortest possible notice
- Operating In Cameroon and Ghana.
- Executive Trainings and Follow up.
Our Key Products  

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